Commission to Mexico Saltillo Coahuila Mexico

As I was looking back at our week together in Saltillo, I was thinking back at all that was done, the places we had been, all the people we had met, and most importantly, looking back at all that God had done. I then began seeing the facebook posts on both sides, American and Mexican, of how God had moved, and what He had done in the lives of those who participated. It got me thinking of how this trip, and really all mission trips, should be seen as times of Encounter with God, a time when we meet with him, whether it be working, playing, or praising Him, God desires to draw near and teach us something new. Not only does he want to teach us, he wants to change us. Yes, I said change! Don’t hyperventilate on me now. You see, every time God’s word talks about someone having an encounter with God, they do not remain the same, they can’t remain the same. They have been in the presence of God, and it changes them. Moses, Saul, the woman at the well, all had an encounter and all were not left the same, they were changed. Some were left with physical changes also, but most had mind and heart changes. Most were left with a desire to be different, not for their own good, but it included the good of others, so that others could experience the change also. 
So now what? You are now back home. You have begun to go back to “normal life”, and at some point will probably forget about all that God showed and taught you. You will forget about the encounter you had with Him. It’s easy to forget. It’s even easy to just move on as normal. Most around you did not attend the trip, and would not fully understand. They would probably think you were crazy if you truly shared about your encounter, and how God had changed your life with just one trip. 
’I challenge you. Be brave and share about your encounter. Be proactive and continue to serve in your local church and community. Service is not just a once a year thing, it should be a lifestyle or a way of living. Allow God to continue to change you, continue to teach you, continue to use you in great ways. Don't wait until next year, do it now!!