Nazarene Border Initiative exists to Encourage, Empower, and Equip volunteers, local churches, and future missionaries with the purpose of expanding God's Kingdom through churches and new ministries.

Who We Partner With


    We provide opportunities for short-term missionaries, RV’s On A Mission (ROAM), churches, and youth groups throughout the US, who are looking to serve through Work and Witness, on either side of the US/Mexico border.


    We partner with and work alongside districts, superintendents, and pastors along the US/Mexico border.


    God has placed a call and burden to raise up a new generation of bicultural missionaries. We seek to find, encourage, and equip those young people whom God has called.

What We Do

We connect teams looking for service opportunities, with needs from our churches along the US/Mexico border, such as:

  1. Construction and repair of Nazarene churches and parsonages
  2. Medical/dental clinics and disaster relief in Mexico
  3. Evangelistic needs of the churches.


We provide opportunities for pastors and laity to expand their knowledge and equip them for successful ministry in their local church, community, family and workplace.

  1. We are available as special speakers for your next missions or Faith Promise event.
  2. We work alongside churches along the US/Mexico border, and provide an extra set of helping hands in their outreach events.

All Projects

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The Latest

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Envíame Project

Learn about missions and ministry training and experience for bicultural hispanic American young people.
Nazarene Border Initiative weeks ago
Nazarene Border Initiative weeks ago
Nazarene Border Initiative weeks ago
Nazarene Border InitiativeLast week we had the opportunity to serve along side Dr. Eric Buell, associate pastor at Rio Valley Church of the Nazarene in McAllen, TX. He, along with his daughter, and several volunteers from his... weeks ago
Nazarene Border InitiativeSeveral years ago, the Lord placed a burden on our hearts to help train young Hispanic Americans for ministry/mission service. As the Lord lead, he brought everything together and this year 2018, we began with... month ago
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Nazarene Border InitiativeIf you have a moment, go by our new website and checkout our latest blog post. Read about Culture War and see if God maybe speaking to you. months ago
Nazarene Border InitiativeIn Prescott , AZ tonight for the Collide service. They ended our time together with a Haitian group from Tempe, AZ. I truly love the harmonies!!!! months ago
Nazarene Border InitiativeWatering day at Nazarene Border Initiative Ministry Center. months ago
Nazarene Border InitiativeEl Paso is dry, it’s a desert where you have to purposely water to have any vegetation or green grass or growth. The Nazarene Border Initiative Ministry Center or NBI Ministry Center, in El Paso,... months ago

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